Malaysia Kitchen Adventure

Following in the footsteps of world-reknown chefs such as , Chef Shaun Hergatt, Executive Chef/ Owner at Michelin-starred SHO Restaurant and Aussie Masterchef Adam Liaw… I commenced my Malaysia Kitchen food tour in August..

Adam Liaw's New Cook Book

First, who are Malaysia Kitchen!?

Malaysia Kitchen for the World is a global initiative of the Malaysian government that aims to educate and inform consumers about Malaysian cuisine and Malaysian restaurants throughout the world. The campaign runs from NYC, UK, Australia and many more.

The main objectives of the MK are ultimately to increase patronage of Malaysian restaurants operating overseas as well as increase exports of processed food, food ingredients, and agriculture produce and to attract tourists to Malaysia.

What an adventure…

The tour kicked off with the  Food tour Malaysia, run by youngster and cool kid Sam, who took a small group of international self-proclaimed foodies through the streets of KL, to expeirence first hand local cuisine and what its all about.

Malaysia is a blend of Malay, Chinese and Indian and to ensure we didnt miss out Sam took us on a four-hour food extravageana starting with Indian. This was probably my fave.

1. Nirwana Curry House
– We had Banana Leaf Rice and drank “Pull Tea aka Teh Tarik” and “Tea with Ginger”
Feeling brave – and with a clean set of paws I ditched the forks and chopsticks and attempted the bare-handed feed. Kinda fun.. definetly delicious.

Next was desert!

2. We headed to Bangsar Appam
– Where we tucked into Sweet Appam and Paper Tosai


Then we went back for savory… yum!

3. WAW BBQ Chicken wings.

We had the famous BBQ chicken wings and Squid fried with salted egg or claims cook spicy. Drank Kat chai Shi Mui aka Calamansi and Sour Plum Cooler. A must for late night munchies – much heathier than any kebab or greasy McD’s!

Delish! BBQ Chicken wings - a great late night snack

After all this food on the first day of the tour, I really got to find a way to eat my way through the next three days! No better way to burn off the cals, thank some heavy-duty shopping. With the never-ending KLCC shopping mall, I’m sure I can manage what the rest of the Malaysia Kitchen tour has install.

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