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Regitse Rosenvinge is the travel writer and entrepreneur behind the award-winning travel blog The Copenhagen Traveler, which combines luxury and sustainable travel. She has lived in four different countries and today, she’s also an ambassador for several brands within the travel sector. Get to know her better below.

The Copenhagen Traveler

The Copenhagen Traveler


  1. You have a very successful blog and loyal followers. How did you make a career out of travel writing and blogging?

It began two years ago when I lived in Belgium. At this point, I was a freelance writer and wanted to share my love for the travel industry. I always felt at home here, and so it was easy for me to take the step towards a creative career in the business. I’ve worked extensively on the voice, layout and design of the website since the beginning. It’s a never-ending journey.


  1. What advice can you give to others who want to create a successful following, especially on Instagram?

Even though I have a decent following on Instagram, it’s not massive – but I’m slowly moving forward from week to week. If you want to build a strong brand digitally, it’s crucial to have a strong following and engagement on social media – not necessarily huge, but dedicated. I think many people tend to look more at numbers than the actual influence and voice of the brand, which is a shame. My advice is simple, but efficient: post pictures and videos that inspire you and only something that fits your brand. If you’re passionate enough about something, it will show soon enough and people will immediately notice.

Glam life

Glam life

  1. What would you say is your travel style sense?

My niche has always been luxury travel, as that’s what I’m passionate about. Grand hotels with a history, boutique hotels with a certain appeal and hidden gems: for example restaurants and spa’s offering something unique. That’s luxury for me. Today, I’m combining all of this with sustainable travel, which is another of my great interest. It’s certainly possible to travel green and in style at the same time – it usually just demands a bit of planning ahead.


serious travel chic

serious travel chic

  1. You’ve travelled around the world. What were some life-changing trips?

There’s been a lot, but two journeys I’ll never forget have to be California in 2015 and Sri Lanka and Maldives in 2016. I feel completely in love with California – it’s golden coasts, eternal sunsets, surfer mentality and welcoming inhabitants had me on the first day! Sri Lanka and Maldives (where I went in connection to my nomination of ‘Best Luxury Travel Blog’ in June this year), was life-changing due to the amazing people I met along the way. When you travel to remote parts of the world and meet different cultures, you initially change. That’s just how it is. And that’s what I love most about my job: I constantly develop as a human being.

maldives getup

Maldives situation


  1. You have also travelled alone. What are your top tips for solo female travelers?

Plan ahead, meet up with fellow travelers (if you can) and adjust to the local customs. That goes for everyone who travels, really – but you still have to take extra care when traveling solo as a woman. Investigate your destination before departure and make sure to have some sort of “back up” contact in the given city or country.


  1. What are your packing tips and advice for someone who wants to look stylish, glamorous and like a princess when traveling without packing too much?

Pack versatile items in good quality. This obviously depends on the duration of your trip, but packing a few versatile items (such as a LBD (little black dress), jeans, cardigans and a duffle coat) will take you a long way. I usually bring a hand sanitizer, a facial spray and some moisturizer in my handbag. And a pair of heels and a matching clutch always comes in handy if you’re traveling to a city!

D'Angleterre Hotel Photoshoot

D’Angleterre Hotel Photoshoot

  1. What do you take on your trips to ensure the flight is a little more comfortable? Do you have your own travel pack?

As mentioned above, I tend to bring some beauty essentials on the plane to stay fresh and hydrated. If you’re flying first class or business class, they’ll usually provide you with everything you need, but otherwise bring a cardigan or jacket to keep warm. Don’t forget earplugs and an audio book – especially on long haul flights.


  1. What’s next for your brand and blog?

The Copenhagen Traveler is constantly developing and 2017 is promising! I can’t reveal too much yet, but we’re working on an exciting production project, which will hopefully launch at the end of this year. Furthermore, you’ll see much more eco travel and sustainability on the blog as well.


  1. What are some non-touristy suggestions for women travelers planning a trip to Copenhagen- what’s on the to-do list?

I’m currently working on an exclusive guide to Copenhagen with a good friend of mine – it will be released in ultimo November, so stay tuned! If you can’t wait, check out – just make a search for ‘Copenhagen’, and you’ll find a lot of tips and guides on the city J

Copenhagen - foodies paradiseCopenhagen – foodies paradise


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