The ultimate Princess Guide to Rome

8 Luxurious Things to Do When in Rome

Guest writer: Emily Jones

City breaks can sometimes feel far from luxurious or restful, but in Rome this does not have to be the case. So pre-book a private taxi service from the airport, check-in to one of the city’s finest hotels, and take in some of Rome’s most luxurious activities.


1. Indulge in an evening of world-class entertainment

There are few things more enchanting than taking in a ballet or opera at Rome’s Teatro dell’Opera. The elegant opera house opened its doors in 1880 and has since played host to some of the finest operatic and dancing talents the world has to offer. Book in advance for exclusive tickets or a luxury box.


2. Wash the stress away at the Kami Spa

After trekking across Rome amid tourists and street-sellers, you may be in need of a little pampering. If so, look no further than the Kami Spa, one of the city’s finest centres of relaxation. From Turkish baths to Thai massages, Kami is the perfect place for a spot of Roman luxury.

deLuxe italiano style

deLuxe italiano style


3. Sample the famous Gilda aperitivo

A real hotspot for the Italian ‘elite’, Gilda is a disco-themed bar that is popular with models and football players alike. Though the prices may be steep, the atmosphere and superb cocktails will certainly put a glamorous spin on your city break.

4. Experience excellent cuisine at Eleonora D’Arborea

Arguably one of the best eats in the city, this Sicilian fish restaurant is at the same time sophisticated and modest. A combination of exquisite ingredients and superb service make this eatery a must-visit location for food buffs.


eat like a real italian.. forget your no carb rule in Rome

eat like a real Italian.. forget your no carb rule in Rome


5. Drink at the Antico Caffe della Pace

Located in the Santa Aria della Pace square, this exquisitely glamorous bar is a hotbed for the rich and famous. Classically Roman in every way, Antico Caffe is a fantastic place to sample some authentic Roman fare within truly luxurious surroundings.


6. Shop until you drop

Italy is famed for its high fashion and Rome, like any other Italian city, has a huge amount to offer designer-savvy shoppers. Look no further than Via dei Condotti to find the likes of Armani, Prada and Gucci all in one place.

Time to induldge.. a little prada here, a touch of guccci there.. when in Rome (as they say!)

Time to induldge.. a little prada here, a touch of guccci there.. when in Rome (as they say!)

7. Take in the sights… luxuriously

If you don’t like the idea of queuing for hours to see the Sistine Chapel or the Vatican, then why not book a private viewing. Some operators will even offer you a private tour of the Vatican Museum’s secret rooms, giving you VIP access to otherwise off-limits areas.


8. Sample some fine wines

If you fancy yourself a bit of a wine connoisseur, look no further than Al Vino Al Vino, a Sicilian restaurant and wine bar that offers a range of over 500 wines, alongside typical grappas and other fine spirits.


Rome is a fantastically versatile city that caters to all holidaymakers. So whether you are looking to spend a long weekend in the lap of luxury or simply want to take in the sights backpacker-style, Rome is certainly the perfect destination especially for Princesses...


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  1. Hi Emily and Lauren,

    Great tips thank you! Where do you suggest I stay in Rome? I’m going in a week with my mother. Looking for something central but not to $$$. Thank you!!

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