SLEEP: Trying an excuse to leave Europe: Brazil

Is the grass always Greener?

Words: Caterina Latte

Two girls not completely satisfied of their life discussing how to make the most of the Easter break: “Is there a right place where to find inspiration for next step in life?”

Japan, Turkey, Thailand, Lebanon, India, Brazil and Venezuela were the aims. Japan one of the favourite, but as we were trying to get a decision just a week before the Great East Japan Earthquake, one week later we were a little less insecure about what it could make us happier.

Everyone in this part of the world seemed just to talk about Brazil in the last year. Art, new big oil fields, amazing night life, wonderful nature and also Brazilian keratin treatment for the hair!!

We were excited.

A little introduction about us.

A Canadian super blond international crazy traveller (she already has seen more than 50 countries) working for a big financial firm and an Italian much less blondy, but still international creative traveller working for a small media agency.

Two girls really different but connected by the same need to change their chains in life.

We were looking for an adventure and an adventure we found.

Brazil is different from Europe. I have always been really sensitive with every kind of smell and as I got there I could smell Brazil. A scent of delicate nature and infinite warm air around my nose. The noise of summer, when you listen from the windows of the houses families living and being human. Different of Europe because even though it’s one of the richest territory of the planet is still developing itself. Sao Paulo’s airport is huge but not shining and elegant like the European ones, the walls in the street are extremely creative, able to delight your view with spectacular graffiti, but sometimes you have the feeling that without that art the walls could fall down…

I have always heard about the big gap between poor and rich in all Latin America and I was so curious to understand if this was true. Well it is. Rio de Janeiro is a stunning city born between huge mountains and the sea, where you can find wonderful hotels, flats to rent and bars to listen the best samba performers of the world, but 300 meters away from your “rich comfortable life” another reality is happening. Favelas and his “different” rules.

Living the Princess life @ The Hilton, Brazil

In Sao Paulo we have lived both realities. We slept in the floor of our friend’s atelier, in one of the most famous street of the city, Paulista, but in an accessible neighbourhood. The last two days, thanks to my friend’s financial firm benefits, we could sleep in the Hilton hotel. Twenty minutes by car and we were in a different world. High tech skyscrapers, new super expensive cars around us and people dressed up so differently!

Believe me, It was beautiful to live both.

All these economical controversies aside, it remains the fact that the most real and deep thing I have experienced in Brazil is affordable by everyone. Independently from your social class or touristic expectation you can be amazed from these 3 little-big things: the perfect weather, the infinite beauty of the nature and the pure sweet soul of people.

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  1. Interesting! From what I understood at the beginning, you’re looking for a lifestyle similar to that talked about in 4 Hours Workweek by Tim Ferris. Brazil is definitely a one of a kind place, some day I will go there!

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