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American Airways vs US Airways..

To tell you the truth, who can really be a fan of an economy type of travel. Its a universal truth, noone likes it. Generally, flight attendants are rude and impatient with a hint of arrogance.. often giving you the look like “Ide rather be serving someone in business class’.. well guess what – we’d rather be flying in business class too..

the Princess preferred way to fly

However, in order to get a value for money trip, and have more of our money going intoa pair of fabulous shoes than an airfare, we swallow the economy bitter pill.

More money to spend on fabulous shoes if you save on flights

Sometimes, just a friendly smile and quality service from the flight attendance makes all the difference.

My latest trip from JFK to LA I actually booked through Liberty travel. I had limited time to find a good deal.. and they really helped to grab me a good value for money airline deal.

JFK-LA leg we flew American airways there and US Airways return.




Take note airlines;

– rude, unhelpful staff = fail.

-complementary snacks, pillows, a decent movie and a guiene smile from staff goes a long way.

It is true however, that really, no matter how long your flight is to your destination, its always worth it and honestly, as soon as you step off the plan and take a deep breath of vacation air.. the flight, good or bad is a distant memory.

My top airlines;

– Singapore Air

– Virgin Atalantic

– Qantas

I am still to review (and look forward to..)

– Emerates

– British Airways

– Air New Zeland

Maybe (next time) even with an upgrade… cant hurt to ask.

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