Madonna NYC style

Head to one of the coolest spots in town.. milkstudios in Chelsea. This is the first time the NYC street-style photos from photographer Richard Corman’s spontaneous shoot have been seen.

Legendary photographer Corman tells Rolling Stone Magazine about the first time he met Madonna;  “[It was] in the summer of 1982 at her apartment on the Lower East Side,” he tells Rolling Stone. “Prior to entering the building, I had to call her from a phone booth from across the street as she let me know, under no uncertain terms, that I was not to enter the building without her alerting all of the tenants due to a lot of illegal activity going on, on the stoop and on the ground floor – which she had no part in.”

Corman caputures Madonna’s youthful 80’s energy and you cant help but who will make their mark today to be the  legends of tomorrow. Make sure you go beacuse it’ll be over in a New York minute..


my kitchen stil looks like this c1983

my kitchen stil looks like this c1983


madonna: pre-yoga days. So NYC




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